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Plumrose is one of the leading and most respected brands producing canned meats for the Australian market.  Plumrose is known for excellent quality product that delivers on taste every time. The Plumrose brand stands for trust and tradition evoking many fond memories with Australians.

Plumrose products are produced with the highest quality control measures in place. The production process complies with international standards ensuring every Plumrose product meets the requirement of great quality and taste. All Ham and Frankfurt products are Gluten Free.

Canned Meat Research

Canned Meat products are convenient, easy and consistent in terms of reliability each time you open a can. Conversely in recent media articles the smallgoods category of fresh hams reported that ham processors have been accused of selling water for the price of meat adding chemicals to ham to retain water. One brand of ham contained 38% water and only 53% of meat. (The Age 20-08-09)


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Plumrose Deli range is now available in six delicious flavours, cooked and ready to eat Chicken Skewers and Meatballs.

  • Plumrose Cocktail Franks Plumrose Cocktail Franks Plumrose Cocktail Franks are great for entertaining over summer. Try our Noughts and Crosses pizza and Maple BBQ Cocktail Bites. See recipes for further details.
  • Plumrose Leg Ham Plumrose Leg Ham For a delicious lunch or addition to dinner try making our delicious Warm Ham and Potato Salad with Plumrose Leg Ham. See recipes for further details.