Our Distributors across Australia for the Independent Retailers are:

Downes Brokerage VIC Contact: Anthony Downes 0417 323 442

Pacchini and Sons NSW Contact: Sergio Pacchini 0416 071 206

Royal Foods QLD Contact: Michael Blackmore 0416 000 421

One Foods SA Contact: Neale Arthur 0418 825 457

Aus Link WA Contact Darryl Brisset 0419 833 336




Browse our recipe section for some great meal ideas, and hints and tips for using Plumrose meat.

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Plumrose Deli range is now available in six delicious flavours, cooked and ready to eat Chicken Skewers and Meatballs.

  • Plumrose Cocktail Franks Plumrose Cocktail Franks Plumrose Cocktail Franks are great for entertaining over summer. Try our Noughts and Crosses pizza and Maple BBQ Cocktail Bites. See recipes for further details.
  • Plumrose Leg Ham Plumrose Leg Ham For a delicious lunch or addition to dinner try making our delicious Warm Ham and Potato Salad with Plumrose Leg Ham. See recipes for further details.